Orion is a diverse, Earth-like world that was created to be a paradise for human beings and the intelligent, half-animal humals. For a time, the inhabitants lived in harmony with each other under the loving protection of the Creator. Lucifer, the brightest and most beautiful of the angels, became jealous of God’s power, however, and tempted the people to fall into sin, thus bringing death and ruin to Orion. Because of this, the humans and humals were scattered in shame to all parts of the planet.

Thousands of years after the fall, seven kingdoms reigned, each with a different population
and measure of faith.

Great Goshen
Ribe Rubrum

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Ribe Rubrum

Ribe Rubrum is a wise nation founded upon the love of scholarly pursuits. It is home to a wide variety of insect humals. The inhabitants of this kingdom are trained in various martial arts, making Ribe Rubrum a destination of study for warriors from all corners of Orion.